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Download signed Feedwrangler.lbaction

Action that lets you easily read unread items from FeedWrangler and either View, Star, Read Later, or Mark as Read. Additionally a "Mark All Read" function is available. Download and install the action. Then run the first time and it will inform you that you need to update the action preferences. Edit the preferences file ~/Library/Application Support/LaunchBar/Action Support/com.renaghan.launchbar.FeedWrangler/Preferences.plist and set the email, password, and clientKey elements. Get a FeedWrangler client key from here. Re-run the action, it will authorize with FeedWrangler getting an access token, then it will blank out your password in the preferences file.


Supports Action Updates framework and action

  • Feedwrangler Action
  • Feedwrangler Input
  • Feedwrangler Result